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XPS Xpress Atlanta is one of the country’s best polished concrete and epoxy solutions provider. Xtreme Polishing Systems is our parent company, which is known for selling and producing equipment, supplies, industrial coatings, and decorative concrete tools. With over 40 years of expertise in the business, XPS has remained a top concrete solutions provider.

We can get you trained at our Polished Concrete University where you can learn all that there is in order to succeed in the decorative concrete industry.

Our headquarters are in Pompano Beach, Florida. We also have locations in Utah, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and one on the way to Great Britain. XPS Xpress Atlanta installations are supported by a ten-year warranty. We provide and install the most effective epoxy resin coatings and concrete decorations available.

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We can improve the look and feel of numerous floors. We can also apply exotic epoxy resin coatings to countertops, tables, and artwork projects in addition to much more!

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